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While I was browsing through my referring links, I came across something similar to XXX.XX.X.XX:XXXXX/cgi-bin/blockOptions.cgi?ws-session=XXXXXXXXX. Being the newb that I am, I was worried whether someone might be hating my site and decided to block it or perhaps hack it :{

Anyway, a quick search led me to Websense. It does web filtering - which is used by companies or maybe even schools to control what people can access within the work place. Whew! Nothing to worry about then! It just seems kinda weird to have my site blocked considering that what I post is pretty harmless. I'm guessing certain keywords like "Free" or maybe "Download" increases the suspicion level.

This reminds me of another referrer link which seems to have nothing to do with my site. And this is where it gets rather annoying. Who loves spam anyway?

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