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I came across some weird referrer links having Forex stuff on the url. Turns out, these are referrer spam. I've read somewhere that you shouldn't click on it. Well, I did (that is, before I came across the article) and I've got to say these sites have nothing to do with mine. Here is a good explanation on what the heck these links are.

Anyway, I found a good way of viewing your stats excluding these referrer spammers here.

These spam referrer links showed up in my stats about a year ago. Upon checking my raw data, so far I haven't got any weird links yet - and I hope to not get any. Now I'm wondering what spawned these sites to show up on my sites..

And another thing to be wary of are shortened urls. Not all are bad but just to be sure where these urls will take you, try using LongURL or similar services. LongURL will 'unshorten' the url and show you where the link will take you. Pretty neat eh?

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