Getting my desktop back on Ubuntu 12.04

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Quick summary: Can't start my desktop (GUI) > No Internet access, hence no apt-get install > What the hell?!

For some reason, I have unintentionally uninstalled ubuntu-desktop from my system. That is, when I try to log into Ubuntu, all I get is the command line (tty). The command startx which is supposed to run the graphical desktop gives me some sort of "not found" error. From what I've read in forums, I'm probably missing an installation of ubuntu-desktop. Strange.


GRUB loading, Error 21 on Windows 7

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I installed Linux on a flash drive and after booting my computer, I encountered an error:

GRUB Loading Stage 1.5.
GRUB loading, please wait...
Error 21

From what I read, this means that I can no longer boot windows normally without having the flash drive plugged in because my Windows MBR was corrupted by the installation of GRUB Stage 1. Anyway, a great explanation of this mess can be read here (start at the second paragraph).

MBR can be easily repaired with the Windows recovery disc, which I don't have but I did find an easy solution which worked well for me.


Volume slider keeps going down

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A strange thing happened to my volume slider - it kept sliding down to 0 by itself.

In my case, the solution was quite simple. My keyboard has media keys and it turned out that the volume down key was jammed. If you encounter this same problem, I hope it's just because of your volume control keys as well. I came across posts in forums whose problem lies in the soundcard or other complicated stuff.


Computer restarts after hibernating

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Just a quick tip here. Whenever I run into the problem of having my computer restart instead of hibernating, it is usually because of plugging in a new device -- most often, a mouse.

If this is your case, you can try the following solution.


How I got SpeedFan to run at startup in Windows 7

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I was having trouble running SpeedFan on startup. I've already tried placing a shortcut on the Startup folder and even tried using the Task scheduler. Not sure what configuration I am missing on the Task scheduler but I always see an error that SpeedFan can't be started up because of admin permissions or something (although I did set it to Run with highest privileges). Anyway, if you seem to have the same problem, you can try my solution but I don't guarantee that this is the best. If anyone knows how or why, feel free to share it in the comment section.


Display post thumbnails for post summaries in Blogger

I've seen blogs which display post thumbnails with its post summary in their homepage, search results, label results -- well as long as it isn't a static page or the post page itself. You can do this in a number of ways. You can settle for thumbnail images at the beginning of your posts, or create two versions of your post image (a thumbnail size and its original size) or perhaps use a script to do the resizing.


Using custom fonts in your Blogger template

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This post will be about applying custom fonts in your Blogger template using Google web fonts. I'll be assuming you are already familiar with HTML and CSS so I won't get into much of its details -- but feel free to ask if you need any help.