How to use Blogger labels as navigation in your blog


Labels in Blogger, if used correctly, are a great way of categorizing your posts. So now I will show you how to use them as navigation in your blog.

How to customize AddThis on Blogger

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If you plan to use or are using the AddThis widget on Blogger, you may find that you cannot easily control where to make your AddThis share buttons appear.

When installing AddThis for Blogger, normally you would use its Blogger widget. I find this too bulky as it uses javascript to parse your template to render the buttons. Sure you can modify the script so that you can position your buttons elsewhere but I don't find that solution flexible enough.

Instead of using the Blogger widget, I will show you how to use the AddThis website code on your Blogger template.


Increase volume in Windows 7, quick & dirty

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Often times I would come across videos (especially online) whose volume is way too low. I don't really know much about tweaking audio and stuff so here is a quick and easy way to temporarily amp up the volume.


Creating your own Blogger template from scratch, sort of


UPDATE [2013-03-14]: It looks like Blogger has updated a lot of things on its Template Editor since the time of this writing so, I've added some updates on the notes that needed updating (??). I've marked them with "UPDATE" or a strikethrough and I hope this won't confuse you (or myself).

I've always wanted to create my own Blogger template and tried so many times before but couldn't really get it right. I think I finally understood a somehow large chunk of it. I think.

Anyway, here in this post, I will note about the things I have learned/will learn in creating your own template. I won't be getting into much detailed stuff on HTML and CSS how to's. I'm assuming that you already have basic knowledge on these subjects and that you know your way around Blogger. Still, if you have any questions or there is something I didn't explain well, just feel free to leave a comment, and hopefully I can answer it.